Welcome to the all new GamerzLand Video Gaming Center located on the lower level of the Lindale Mall. GamerzLand is open Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday Noon-6pm. Please feel free to email us at gamerzland@centurylink.net or call us at 319-294-4911.


Store Closing For Good!

GamerzLand has decided to close their doors. The mall is asking for our store back as Victoria Secrets will be remodeling their store upstairs in the mall and they will be taking our store and the empty store beside us to use while their store is being redone. We are selling off all of our Read more…


The exhilarating environment here makes it an awesome place for you to meet up with friends. We're also great for parties.


We're always stocked with the newest games. Come try all the new releases without the wait of an online rental service.


If you're a competitor, you'll want to participate in our events and monthly tournaments. See if you can win the top prize!


From huge TVs to next-gen consoles, GamerzLand is equipped with everything you need for the best possible gaming experience.